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Journey to the Galactic Leyline

With my heart as it is, tumbling as I am, I'll pierce through the night

Jean Starwind
4 August 1982
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Hmmm... What is there to say about me that won't promote stalkers? Well, there's probably a lot actually, but I'll try not to get too geeky on ya'll. After completing grad school back in August of 2007, I now have a job in a small Texas museum as their archivist and librarian. Rural west Texas is quite a change from Illinois, but I'm enjoying my job so far and the rest of the staff that I work with are great.

My two constant companions are Zelda and Binx, my two shelter kitties. Zelda was adopted only three days after I moved in to my new Texas apartment in November of 2007, and Binx joined us the following February. Zelda is the oldest and a much more classy and classic cat, though she is still a little skittish after coming from life on the street. Binx, Zelda's total opposite, is full of wonderful, ornery personality - though I'm quite convinced that she is also thick as a brick. To my happy surprise, they get along famously, and I couldn't imagine life without them anymore.

I'm no longer really actively participating in any one fandom at the moment. Rather, I'm sort of flitting between a number, just hanging around and seeing what people say. Most of my free time anymore is caught between work during the day and different internet projects at night.

Other current high interests include history, reading, playing video games, watching my favorite shows on TV, and watching anime. Top favorites from each (though I could make lists that go on and on) are as follows: the Revolutionary War/Civil War eras, Watership Down; Final Fantasy XII and Twilight Princess; Doctor Who, Bones, and House; and Bleach.

At any rate, enjoy the musings that you can see, and feel free to comment if you like. :)

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